Our rights and remedies detailed above shall not be mutually exclusive. The Playamo online casino is powered by compound online casino software operators providing players with a huge variety of the classic and popular online casino games.

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These play to an enormous range of player interests, letting them play slots steeped in history, those with action-packed moments, and others with scary themes. The Tournament feature is one so as to can enable operators to intuitively chase in real-time all of the hot performances from every player involved. This broad approach to licensing allows Down-to-earth Play to deliver gaming content as of all over the world. Licence en route for use Company Intellectual Property Rights We grant to you a non-exclusive, non-transferable licence, during the term of this Affiliate Agreement, to use the Ballet company Intellectual Property Rights, which we can from time to time approve exclusively in connection with the display of the promotional materials on the Associate Website or in other such locations as may have been expressly accepted in writing by Company.

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