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What You’ll Learn

I still contend that my blackjack discipline opened slightly before his. And so as to I think has something like quadrupled our conversion rate, it has been something that forced me to add together video to more parts of the website and eventually to say, hey, if this is working so able-bodied on the website, why am I not doing this on YouTube also? When that changes, we got en route for up our game with our bleep speed because sometimes it would be like an algorithm update would appear out and we would lose a few ground. The good news was so as to the strategies in their book were identical to the ones we had developed. Colin: Yeah, so I beam at a conference the last age I saw you about this aim, but I kind of stepped ago and I had — I old to have like an eBook akin to a lot of people have, although I saw what some other ancestor are doing with video mini courses and it just kind of made sense to me that I advertise a video course. Because you mentioned earlier that it was fairly basic what the strategy is.

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The First Step to Learning Card Counting

Steve: So in terms of your YouTube videos, do you have like a certain target length or any a minute ago kind of higher level strategies so as to you try to do for all video? But then it started en route for feel like a grind. Unlike erstwhile events that focus on inspirational stories and high level BS, the Sellers Summit is a curriculum based alliance where you will leave with applied and actionable strategies specifically for an ecommerce business. Where can people achieve you online? But at the alike time, we would create a bleep on something higher up like blackjack strategy or how to count cards, and just try to have able-bodied optimized pages. Colin: Yeah, totally. After that we won a whole bunch of money, and we sent one chap to cash out all the chips. I will come to YOUR locality and pay all my travel after that lodging expenses if the card as well as courses take place in North America. Side Note: I wrote a bleep manuscript that contained the strategies we developed for the Atlantic City blackjack game and submitted it to a publisher who had expressed interest all the rage publishing it.


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