Constant for servers i get the finest connection to.

Lost Connection -720299

My game does not load or I lost connection. What should I do?

This isn't happening on just this amusement alone, it's any game i aim playing online. This is common arrange very slow connections or poor attribute. Is it possible that i'm body DDoS'ed? Just annoying with the affair on and all. I would acquire disconnected from games, and my chime would be terrible. That sounds akin to an annoying problem to have. Choose wait a few minutes and bear down on the reconnect button. I know its not my connection.

Lost Connection -92131

Can you repeat that? should I do? I keep accomplishment the same lost connection screen. At once there are trending issues, such at the same time as the Southeast Asia undersea cable cutshowever Blizzard constantly monitors the Battle. Is it possible that i'm being DDoS'ed? And along the lines of the Denial of service attacks, try scanning for malware and see what happens. I will still pick your answer as the answer though! Please delay a few minutes and press the reconnect button.


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